New Game Grumps Fanimation!

2013-01-06 02:45:52 by SwagMuffin

Hey guys, I know I have been pretty inactive lately and I am sorry for that.
But a while ago I started working on a game grumps animation and today/night I finally finished it! :D
You can go check out the Newgrounds version here
And the YouTube version here
Please leave constructive comments and I will be sure to respond to most.
If you enjoyed it why not become a fan, or subscribe to me on the youtubes.
Thanks for all your support.
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New Game Grumps Fanimation!


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2013-01-06 05:59:58

It's good. But I feel that part of Game Grumps has been animated over 100 times.
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SwagMuffin responds:

I feel the same way, its just I think that clip alows me to go outside the box and be creative.
Thanks for the 5 :D


2013-01-06 10:57:11

I want to become a fan

SwagMuffin responds:

thanks bud!


2013-01-08 09:29:51

Its great i LOVE it

SwagMuffin responds:

Thanks dude!