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Birthdays and other shit

Posted by SwagMuffin - February 8th, 2013

(I apologize in advance for this extremely long post but fuck you stay here)
Hey guys, as most of you probably don't know tomorrow, or today, whenever you are reading this and it is February 8th is my birthday. yay. woohoo. I'm turing 7 and a half! :▐
Anyways lol I am probably going to celebrate by getting up at a brain wrenching hour, brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, falling back asleep, forgetting to put on deodorant, putting on shoes and failing, getting in the car and then putting on my shoes moderately correctly, putting on gross spare deodorant, getting to school late with no excuse, going to all of my classes, going home, getting sidetracked from going home, go to the mall, get an extremely unhealthy snack, regret it, wonder why I regret it because I have a fast metabolism, going home, throwing myself on the computer forgetting to take a shower and not worrying about personal hygiene, talking to friends on skype, animating, starting the first ever "SwagStream" and answering questions from fans, ending SwagStream at like two in the morning, taking a shower while blaring music, watching the office and falling asleep.
Anyways back on topic lol, if you would like to catch the livestream or whatever it will start at about 6:30 mountain time and all you have to do is around that time check my Youtube Feed and refresh like a bitch.
It's gonna be pretty fun and you guys can see a sneak peak of my new short that I am working on, ask me questions, and maybe we'll invite you into the stream to just, talk.
(Oh yeah did I mention that there will be more than just me)
(There will be)
I don't mean to whore or anything but I do have a Steam Wishlist and it would be pretty cool if you could drop by and check that out, I am not pressuring anyone to get me anything but I am just super sayin, its there ;) and the games on there are pretty cheap. yeh. roflcopter
PS BTW NSFW: I just wanted to thank all of you for almost 100 followers here on Newgrounds and almost 260 on Youtube
It honestly means a lot to me guys and I hope to continue producing content that you will enjoy for many years to come.
Anyways, thanks guys and have a great weekend!
Also, Before I forget
Double Also
Triple also, I got a Blue Snowball :D

Birthdays and other shit

Comments (10)

Happy Birthday, Did you get a Swag muffin? :P

LOL, your life sounds so haphazard. I LOVE IT! :D

Bappy Hirthday

:( that depresses me

Your life is cool. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you!
(Grabs fork)
Happy birthday to you!
(Come's with the fork menacingly at you)
Happy birthday to Muffin!
(Put's fork in the cake)
Happy Birthday to you!
(Take's fork from cake and tortures you with it)

how did u maek it go over yor timerline?

Are you ded? :0